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Normal to Dry Skincare Set


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120ml x1, 60ml x1,
60ml x1, 20ml x1/4oz x1, 2oz x1, 2oz x1, 0.7oz x1

Each product starts
with one or more of our Organic Seaweed Elixir™ to create an effective,
results-oriented skincare regime. Introduce your skin to our best products
for normal to dry skin, and sensitive skin types.

Suitable for signs of
hyperpigmentation, dehydration, sun damage, rosacea, eczema and psoriasis
Cleanse, tone, exfoliate, and moisturize to refine, detoxify and hydrate for
a brighter complexion.

Comes with: Ocean Botanical Sea Foam Cleansing
Concentrate, Sea Splash Toner, Ocean Botanical Iridaea Exfoliator, Deep Sea
Moisturizer & 1 pair of Seaweed Eye Masque.

Take a deep dive into our
pristine, west coast waters, right in your own home. Begin an amazing regime
with this skincare set and as a result, discover the difference our authentic
products make.

Find our legendary Seaflora glow in your reflection everyday!