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All Natural Lip Mask


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Say Goodbye to Dry, Chapped and say HELLO to smooth, supple lips!

What it is: Sleeping Lip Mask formulated with a number of natural powerhouse ingredients to improvde the appearance of dry, chapped lips! 

Lip Care

Locks in moisture. 

Softens & smoothens lips.

Improves the appearance of dry, chapped lips.

Protects lips against the effects of free radicals. 

Creates a moisture barrier for intense hydration that lasts! 

Why Choose Our Lip Mask?

We wanted to create a sleeping lip mask with ingredients that are 100% safe & natural. Our lips mask is 100% cruelty free and absolutely 100% free of harmful chemicals, including parabens and sulfates! 

This Lip Mask Includes: Lip Mask + Lip Brush